Sublime offers you a team of highly qualified engineers that will transform your ideas into a product that users will love. With our expertise in mobile development and the use of the best technologies, we achieve innovative results that are one step ahead.

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Innovation As A Service

Sublime Studio brings new technologies and real world use cases together, pushing innovation further and contributing to a better and impactful digitalised future. 

In order to achieve these goals, we offer our clients software development and technology consulting services, focusing on mobile applications and their integration with new technologies.

Sublime is looking forward to working with companies and startups as well as research institutions or universities, by participating in individual projects or collaborating at some of the national or international innovation programs available. 

Innovation   Software Development Consulting 

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Internet Of Things & MedTech – Mobile Apps & SDKs

At sublime we love being in direct contact with hardware. Through different IoT projects for the medical and sports sectors we have had the opportunity to work with high-end devices such as temperature and heart rate sensors, creating mobile apps and SDKs.

Our SDKs contain many of the needed features to create a complete data pipeline in a mobile device: secure user authentication, user device management, connection to the IoT devices, custom data processing, upstream and downstream data synchronization to & from the cloud, firmware updates, etc.
Sublime focuses on qualitative and reusable code between platforms, to allow faster development cycles and to easily integrate custom data processing steps.

To close the circle, Sublime is also specialised in the development of native mobile applications that allows the user to interact with their data in a comfortable and secure way. Data can be easily aggregated or integrated with Google Fit and the Apple Health App.

If you are a IoT hardware producer or a developer of embedded systems, we can offer you our expertise through the development of a multiplatform MVP or prototype in a very short amount of time, so that you can quickly test the integration of your products with mobile devices as soon as possible. Contact us for more information.

MedTech Internet Of Things SDKs Sensors BLE MQTT Cloud Services

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Artificial Intelligence

Through machine learning and computer vision techniques, objects, text, gestures, movements and more can be detected from images and videos and be classified into categories. Since users are continuosly making use of their mobile phone’s camera, these machine learning techniques are extremely useful to automatically extract information and make the user’s journey through our app easier.

Sublime can train and test your machine learning models, set up the pipelines needed to assure the continuous improvement of the models, and deploy them in the mobile app or in the cloud.

Since these technologies are continuously being improved, contact us to give you an overview of the current state of the art and how it can improve your product.
Tags: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, CoreML, ML Kit, Tensorflow

Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning Computer Vision CoreML ML Kit Tensorflow

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Mobile App Development

Sublime specialises in the development of mobile applications as well as the cloud services and infrastructure supporting them. During our previous projects we made use of technologies like Augmented Reality, IoT, NFC and Machine Learning, and by integrating them with the cloud we created innovative solutions that make our products be one step ahead. 

Sublime focuses on high quality software taking special care on security and data protection, thanks to our professional engineering team having worked before for sensitive projects in the financial and medical sectors.

From just Minimal Viable Products to complex applications or specific software components, we will find the best solution for your project that fits your expectations and goals.

iOS Android React Native Flutter Internet Of Things Augmented Reality Machine Learning Cloud Services

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Startup Collaboration

Sublime is highly involved with startups to help them develop their products. At Sublime we love being at the center of innovation, having the possibility to use technology like never before. Whether you are looking for an MVP or a complete application, or support in the development of some of your amazing products, we will be happy to help you.

Minimal Viable Product Technology Consulting Development Support


With agile methodologies we make sure that the project is developed in small pieces that will be delivered to you as soon as possible, in order to quickly incorporate your feedback and new ideas.


By unit-testing the code, performing functional and integration tests, and running Continuous-Integration pipelines  we make sure that our products reach the best quality standards.


We make sure that we choose the best and most reliable technologies available for your project, so that you get a modern product that will last as long as possible.

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